B: 1934-11-01
D: 2019-03-17
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Juanita McCall
B: 1932-07-18
D: 2019-03-15
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McCall, Juanita
Theresa Crookshank
B: 1966-09-23
D: 2019-03-15
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Crookshank, Theresa
Constance Teasley
B: 1952-10-05
D: 2019-03-13
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Teasley, Constance
B: 1960-01-09
D: 2019-03-10
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B: 1972-09-10
D: 2019-03-05
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B: 1935-05-30
D: 2019-03-05
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B: 1943-01-26
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B: 1936-12-28
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Tyana Hamilton
B: 1998-08-08
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Hamilton, Tyana
B: 1952-01-29
D: 2019-02-14
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B: 1948-12-31
D: 2019-02-12
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B: 1943-09-28
D: 2019-02-10
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Pauline Crowley
B: 1956-05-04
D: 2019-02-08
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Crowley, Pauline
Dorothy Mitchell
B: 1942-09-09
D: 2019-02-07
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Mitchell, Dorothy
B: 1924-03-14
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B: 1948-10-31
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Service Charges

Why a funeral service?

A Celebration of Life:

The following helps to summarize the significance and importance of the funeral and family visitation service. These statements were excerpted from the document... "The Funeral" Ancient Egypt to Present Day America: “The funeral helps confirm the reality and finality of death. It provides a climate for mourning and the expression of grief. It is one of the few times when love is given and not expected in return.”

A Final Tribute:

Meaningful funeral ceremonies provide an opportunity to honor the transition of a loved one from life to death. These services contain tremendous value for those who mourn. Grieving families, friends, and the community may face with dignity and grace the reality that death presents.

A religious or non-religious ceremony may be held at Caliman Funeral Services, a church or other location, and may be adapted to the lifestyle both of the deceased and those who survive. Final viewing of the remains often provides an environment within which recall, realization, and final expression may occur. The final viewing also enables loved ones to begin the process that leads to ultimate healing and recovery.

Range of Services:

At Caliman Funeral Services, our work involves involve six (6) distinct service components.

These include the following:

A. Professional Services
B. Embalming and Preparation
C. Use of Facilities
D. Merchandise
E. Cash Disbursements
F. Transportation

A. Professional Services:

This involves the complete arrangement, supervision, and directing of the funeral service. We are available 24 hours per day to take your calls. Our caring staff includes Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers and other caring professionals. They are responsible for assisting the family and loved ones during and following the funeral planning and completion:

1. Meeting with the family in order to secure vital statistic information obtain
obituary information, compete the itemized cost agreement, select a casket
and outer burial container, and oversee all aspects of the funeral.

2. Coordination of:

  • Clergy
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Necessary automotive equipment for convenience of the family
  • Cemetery or crematory selection
  • Civic associations
  • Vault company

3. Completion of death certificate

4. Obtaining of signature and medical information from attending physician or Medical Examiner (Coroner)

5. Filing of completed and signed death certificate with Registrar of Vital Statistics in municipality where death occurred

6. Sending of obituary information to all newspapers requested by the family

7. Receiving of, caring for and arranging all flowers

8. Printing of folders or prayer cards when applicable

9. Completion of all necessary forms pertinent to the funeral and the deceased

10. Coordination of the funeral service and interment

B. Embalming and Preparation of deceased:

1. Embalming of deceased to insure protection of the public

2. Taking universal precautions including sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization of equipment used in the embalming process

3. Shampooing and shaving the deceased when appropriate

4. Dressing, cosmetizing, and casketing deceased

C. Use of Facilities:

This involves the provision, operation, and maintenance of facilities within which to conduct our normal business. It includes capital improvements, replacement of equipment, supplies, and furniture, etc. Includes:

1. Fixed overhead (taxes, cleaning and supplies, equipment/building maintenance, advertising, utilities, insurance, landscaping, parking lot)

2. Preparation room

3. All other items not covered under fixed overhead

D. Merchandise:

Includes goods and services that may be purchased at the discretion of the family of the deceased. May include the following:

1. Casket or cremation urn

2. Outer burial or shipping container

3. Burial clothing

4. Registration books, acknowledgment cards, memorial folders

5. Abbreviated service notice, printed programs

6. Dove release, video tribute, flowers

7. Graveside music

E. Cash Disbursements:

Payments that we initially make in behalf of the decedent’s family for goods and services related to the funeral and/or disposal of the remains. These include:

1. Cemetery plot

2. Hired automobile equipment/motorcycle escorts/air transportation

3. Clergy honorarium/singers and musicians

4. Newspaper charges

5. Board of Health permits/Death certificates

6. Flowers

7. Church offerings

F. Transportation:

Accounts for costs related to the transport of the deceased and family members to various locations prior to, during, and following the funeral service and interment. This may include:

1. Hearses

2. Limousines

3. Family cars

4. Flower cars and other necessary vehicles

5. Horse Drawn Hearse

Type of Funeral:

At Caliman Funeral Services, we offer a variety of service options that will meet your needs and preferences. Please observe below:

1. Funeral Service Options (Please note: "All Caskets are purchased separately")

Basic Service:

  • Daytime funeral service & Visitation
  • Funeral Director/staff; Removal/Embalming; Hairdresser/Barber
  • Abbreviated service notice; Registration book; acknowledgment cards
  • Casket selection may be only made from predetermined list

Contemporary Service:

  • Anytime funeral service & visitation
  • Funeral Director/Staff; Removal; Embalming; Hairdresser/Barber
  • Abbreviated service notice; Memorial book; Acknowledgment cards
  • Memorial & acknowledgment cards; Family floral spray
  • Video tribute (2 DVD’s or cassettes); 3-Dove release

Conventional Service: **Most Popular**

  • Daytime funeral service & visitation (Mon.-Sat. only)
  • Funeral Director/staff; Removal/Embalming; Hairdresser/Barber
  • 1 Limousine; Escort; Abbreviated service notice
  • Registry book; Memorial & acknowledgment cards
  • Family floral spray; Video tribute (2 DVD’s or cassettes)

Prestige Service:

  • Anytime funeral service & visitation
  • Funeral Director/staff; Removal/Embalming; Hairdresser/Barber
  • I Limousine; Horse-drawn hearse; Escort
  • Graveside music (live singer upon request)
  • Abbreviated service notice; Personalized memorial book
  • Memorial & acknowledgment cards; Family floral spray
  • Video tribute (2 DVD’s or cassettes); 3–Dove release

2. Cremation Options:

Advanced Service and Cremation:

  • Anytime service, rental casket included
  • Funeral Director/staff; Removal; Embalming; Hairdresser/Barber
  • I Limousine; 100 b&w programs with color photograph
  • Memorial cards; Family floral spray
  • Abbreviated service notice; Registry book & acknowledgment cards
  • Video tribute (2 DVD’s or cassettes) or 3–Dove release
  • Cremation urn (5-6 choices)

Daytime Service and Cremation:

  • Daytime service only, rental casket included
  • Funeral Director/staff; Removal; Embalming; Hairdresser/Barber
  • Abbreviated service notice; Registry book & acknowledgment cards
  • Cremation urn (5-6 choices)

Memorial Service and Cremation:

  • Anytime memorial service
  • Abbreviated service notice
  • Cremation urn (10 choices)
Basic Cremation:

  • Removal & professional service charges
  • Transportation to Crematory & Cremation services
  • Temporary urn

Personalizing the Ceremony:

Funerals are most meaningful when they reflect a personalized tribute to the life of the deceased. We may honor our departed loved ones through the following:

a. Celebration of Life Video:

Your family may use treasured photos, films, slides, and negatives may be used to construct a professionally-edited custom DVD for viewing prior to the funeral ceremony.

b. Photographs:

The family may wish to put together a collage of favorite pictures that recall the life of the deceased. These may be displayed on easels, frames, or in photo albums.

c. Memory Table:

A memory table allows for the display of distinct memorabilia that honor the life of the deceased. Such displays may include artwork, trophies, quilts, model trains or airplanes, or other objects that help to tell the life story of our departed loved ones.

d. Special Music:

Families may want to utilize certain musical selections either prior to or during the funeral ceremony. Caliman Funeral Services has the capability to provide customized music arrangements, types, and styles that are tailored to your particular tastes. We may also provide a soloist or musician when you do not have such a person available.

e. Personalized Casket:

It is also possible to personalize the casket in order to reflect the lifestyle of the deceased. The caskets may be customized both with special outer trim and accessories and interior fabrics.

What are VA Allowances?
VA allowances are partial reimbursements of an eligible veteran’s burial and funeral costs. When the cause of death is not service-related, reimbursements generally include two possible payment allowances: 1) those for burial and funeral expenses; and 2) those for a burial plot and interment of the deceased.

Our funeral service professionals can work with personnel from the Veteran’s Administration to assist you in determining eligibility for veterans’ benefits. We will also coordinate military honors (i. e., flag headstone, honor guard, etc.).

In addition, we can coordinate such things as:

1) Veteran’s theme casket of choice
2) Memory package in veteran’s theme
3) Graveside Service
4) Complimentary wooden flag case
5) Other features at your request